Pang Yong San

20.03.2013. Пленарная дискуссионная панель II «Будущее России: новая индустриализация или сырьевая модель?»

I will talk about adjustment in Chinese government and corporate relations. The coalition of China reform in the past 30 years helped to adjust government and corporate relations. But the process is not without us. There are many other worrying difficulties and the problems in the process to commoditize economy — market economy and then national legal system. And the marketing mechanisms require the government to force the market and where is production factors.

The second problem is the remaining influence of the plan economy, which is the only economic pattern in China for a long time. The mentality cause limited ability of the government functions, a life-less economy and the end-prices with the abilities to independent and innovation. Last socialism market economies and we would consolidate the development and the development of the public sector of economy. At the same time China must respect the law of the market economy to provide a fair and a healthy environment for the process of abreaction. In that regards there was no success, successful experiment — China has been pouring this medium for more than 30 years.

The transform government and corporate relation in China reinforced and transformed the governing functions to better accommodate the need of the development of market, of the market economy and end the crisis. And it is a profound change government and the corporate relations to transform government functions, to stimulate administration and delegate more power to end a crisis even on abreacting on boarding. Because government always comes with the remained autonomy China is to deal with that reform and it is the only way for development. And the reform in China bigger, China has inherited a 7-life reform of Parliament institutions since 1982. The number of the institutions and the state council deals with 100 before 1982 to today — 25.

Although actually addressing of what the government should do and not to, it exploring ways to proper handle relations of the government and market and public administration stick to the separation of parliament functions from end the crisis management and model to build new government and to cover it relations so that government and SOEs found their best coalition in national economy. SOEs reform is core of the transformation of government and corporate national relations. As early stage of reform, the SOEs are actually governments and intention. Government director of the Ministry enterprises part are the part of the operation and personal management. In 1994 China set the goal of youth SOEs reform and building a moral code of the current system. In the 3 years since 1998 China falls up finishes for better reforms state on small and medium-size pricing. And so SOEs had difficulty or close or interrupt.

In 2010 we are removing authorities in government. In 2003 the state-owned SF regions and the administration committee of the state council was far neither. So that institution and the government were the public administrator and of US state-owned access at the same time. And the government functioning with separate from end-price management SOEs to come meet and become competitors with operation, independence and development. And operation improved. A member of the part SOEs become more renowned. Among them 64 from the fortune, 500 in 2012. East fair that SOEs in China are a successful combination of public ownership and private economy. And domination of coalition of SOEs in national economy and their leading role further enhanced. What more. Reinforced in urgent would help, would help the mentality of the economy development through government, encouragement and guidance, development of non-public and the prices. China actively promotes the development of deal provide foreign prices and other forms of non-public economy. Fosters the rural economy and that increased the physical economy.

In December 1992 China proposed the idea of private and foreign economies were dependent on private economy. In September 1997 China nationalized economy is an important part of China’s socialist marketing economy. And the government should continue to encourage and guide to development. The statement was included in Constitution amendment maybe in March 1993. That is the comments for the condition of the instants, development and combination of non-public economy.

In 2005 and 2010 the state council applied the guidelines to encourage support and lead the development of private economy and other forms of non-public economy. The private recruit measures to increase efforts in non-public economy and to expand it on field and scope of private investment. China has also enhanced the fiscal support, financial support and formulate more essential policies for non-private economy to create lower green field.

In the past 30 more years since reform and opening out private economy grew from scratch to prominence promoting deeper market reform. Now that mentality of non-private economy is falling released, it has become an important drive for growth of China’s economy and the development of the socialist market economy.

Finally, continuing the competitiveness of government and administration and improving government and cooperation relations, first the government for better fulfilled is still the economic regulations. Secondly, the government tried to create a favorable environment of fair competition for end-prices. Last, but not the least, the government has agreed efforts to build a legal system on the regular action according to the law. In 2004 we made agreement the administer lessons law of. It is a successful practice in building a new government and appropriate relations. And so is orientated government relations and there are no acquisition meeting and administration according to the law and the investment of the new administrating are the basic norms for government.

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